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human design reading

In your 75 minute session with

Marissa Nash you will:

☽ discover your Human Design energy type


☽ learn how to use your energy type to live a more aligned life


☽ learn how to make better decisions based on your authority type

☽ find tools for managing your energy & emotions well

☽ create a plan to implement what you learned

☽ receive a personal affirmation to support you beyond your session


Sessions are held via zoom

Email to get your chart

what clients say.



"My session with Marissa was so energizing and made me feel so excited for life & continuing to pave my path."



"My human design reading with Marissa was extremely eye opening.

The reading explained the reasoning behind why I take certain actions, feel certain emotions and how I process information. I now know how to activate my energy and use it to perform at my highest self."



"I am feeling so refreshed, energized and aligned for the first time in forever.

I learned so much about myself and how to better step into my power."



"Holy wow! My session with Marissa unlocked so much within me. Thank you Marissa for holding space and preparing such a beautiful time for me to meet my true self."



"The Human Design reading I had with Marissa left me feeling like I could understand myself on a deeper level. 

It made me excited to be me again! The reading gave me an understanding of how to live honoring who I really am and how to make the most of my life by utilizing what works best for me.

This session was so inspiring for me and I feel more confident than I have in a long time!"



"My human design reading with Marissa

taught me that I was born a certain way, to dive into those features about myself, and to trust my gut -- my yes & my no."

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